Our pens are larger

We dont charge for giving medication

Individually heated pens

Total care for timid or elderly cats

High quality food and bedding supplied


Excellent vet on call

Delivery service

Collection service

Fully licenced

Used by vets for their own cats

On site 24 hours a day

Security alarm system

All about the Happy Cattery

Happy cat at the Happy Cattery

Why We Would Like You To Consider Bringing Your Precious Pussycat To HAPPY CATTERY

Your dear pussycat would be very happy here at HAPPY CATTERY because:

We are situated in a truly unbelievable unbeatable location, which is quite unique. It's a very unusual combination; convenient but remote. Totally surrounded on all sides by peaceful and pleasant pasture-land and farm-land and protected by LEIGH WOODS on the near horizon. All animals, both wild and domestic, winged and and fluffy seem to love the tranquillity, peace and safety here.

There are no roads, therefore no traffic noise and no traffic danger. No DOGS, therefore no barking and no dog scents to worry your dear cat. One can go into the cattery on an afternoon and you can literally hear a pin drop.

A lot of customers say that their pussycat has a nicer view here than they have on their holiday. So for your dear pet, it is beautiful, restful and safe. All of this and yet -



Another reason to bring your dear pet to us is that we really do love cats. We have four of our own, Torti, Sweep, Blackie and Cutie, although, very sadly we have only two left now, due to their old-age. We think all cats are wonderful innocent creatures , and must be cared for with love.

WE do hope to see you and your PRECIOUS PUSS very soon

  • We can offer you just however many references you wish for.
  • We are particular softies when it comes to timid pussycats and elderly pussycats and go on a 'charm-offensive' to make sure that these cats are happy and content, well looked after and cared for.
  • If your pussycat needs to take tablets or other treatments, such as dear Diesel who sadly has to be injected twice a day because he is diabetic, then, unlike most other catteries, we DO NOT CHARGE for helping your pussycat because we think it is wrong to charge for helping an animal.
  • We do not employ any Staff. That way we can be sure everything is done properly and not by someone who might not be concentrating and is only waiting for home time.
  • We have over 60 years combined knowledge and experience of caring for pussycats.
  • We are most proud of having saved the life's of two of our customers cats - Dusty Springfield and on another occasion, Ping Ping - by our acute observations and care which the owners had not realised.
  • We have been endorsed by North Somerset Council for the running of our cattery.
  • We are a small cattery = PERSONAL SERVICE. We do not charge VAT = good. Other catteries are large, impersonal AND CHARGE YOU VAT = bad for you.
  • NO airport and NO airplane noise to worry your cat here.